Will we eat on campus and will meals cost extra?
First year students living in the dorms at UA will automatically be signed up for the First Year All Access Meal Plan. If you will not be living on campus your first year, it is important that you notify us when you register for Bama Biology Bootcamp and you will be covered with a meal plan at no additional cost to you.

How should I dress?
August in Alabama means high temperatures outside and in many buildings, very cool temperatures inside.  Bring a jacket or sweatshirt. You may also want a rain coat or umbrella. Also, there will be a laboratory session during which you will be required to wear close-toed shoes and long pants.

Will I be in one building for the entire Bootcamp?
No! Part of the experience of Bama Biology Bootcamp is to familiarize you with campus. You will be learning, eating, and socializing all over campus. Choose your footwear wisely. It’s a big campus.

Will I need to find my way to events on my own?
No, you will be in small groups, each with a graduate student and an undergraduate student mentor, for the entire week.

Will I have to participate in all the sessions for the week?
Yes!  Your success at UA can be helped significantly with your enthusiastic participation.

What materials do I need for Bama Biology Bootcamp?
All students will need a copy of the textbook used in BSC 115/116 (Campbell Biology 11th edition; any print or digital version is acceptable) and a Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT. You can purchase both of these items from the University of Alabama Supe Store on Saturday before Bama Biology Bootcamp.

Will the classwork / exams during Bama Biology Bootcamp affect my BSC 114/118 grade or otherwise appear on my transcript?

What materials will I need for Bama Biology Bootcamp?
1. A textbook (physical or eText): Campbell Biology Eleventh Edition by Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, & Jane B. Reece
2. Access to Modified MasteringBiology
3. A “clicker” (Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT)

How you choose to purchase these materials is up to you, but we recommend purchasing at the SupeStore, which is located on the University of Alabama Campus, to be sure you have the correct materials. If you choose to purchase the text or code online from a another seller than the SupeStore or Pearson, please be sure to use the EXACT ISBNs listed below in your search. You must have the 11th edition text, and your access code MUST say “Modified MasteringBiology” and be for the 11th edition of the text.  Do not buy a used access code as it will not work!

Campbell Biology with Modified MasteringBiology, Eleventh Edition
Lisa A. Urry · Michael L. Cain · Steven A. Wasserman · Peter V. Minorsky · Jane B. Reece

Hardback text with Modified MasteringBiology Access Code
ISBN 0134683463

Loose-leaf text with Modified MasteringBiology Access Code
ISBN 0134724879  (This may also be called a binder-ready text or an a la carte text)

Modified MasteringBiology Access Code with eText (this is a physical access code package)
ISBN 013444728X

Modified MasteringBiology Instant Access with eText
(available only online from Pearson directly)

Modified MasteringBiology Instant Access without eText
(available only online from Pearson directly)