All University of Alabama students who will be enrolled in BSC 114 or 118 for the Fall 2017 semester are eligible for B3 participation.

Requirements for B3 participation:

  • Must be registered for BSC 114 or 118 prior to bootcamp kickoff.
  • Must have purchased the required textbook and the student response clicker for this course. These items are absolute requirements for participation. You may purchase the text and clicker at the Alabama Supe Store or from another vendor. See the FAQs for details on the materials needed, which are available from the UA SupeStore.

Unfortunately, because this is the first year of this program, we must cap the number of participants at 100. Selection of participants will not be based on academic achievements, but by a process that reflects our student body composition.  We assume that all students who are admitted into this University have the potential to be highly successful college students and that all students will benefit from  B3.

Students who register will be informed whether or not we are able to accommodate them no later than June 30. The remaining applicants will be placed on a wait list.





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