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2019 Bama Biology Bootcamp participants in the Smith Hall Grand Gallery


Here’s what some former Bama Biology Bootcamp students and mentors had to say about the program:

“I learned a lot of valuable lessons and information from Biology Boot Camp this past summer. I learned about many resources that I would not have even known about had it not been for my attendance at Biology Boot Camp. I feel that this camp helped me get ahead in my classes and not just biology but all of my classes overall. I would like to be able to pass on these lessons and help the future UA students get a jump start on their college careers and to help give them the best possible chance for success.”

“I want to be a mentor because unlike a lot of the mentors last semester, I’m not an excellent biology major. I didn’t do well in my first biology class and i struggled at first. But through all of it i still persevered and i feel like the Biology program needs mentors that won’t gloat about how well they are doing in biology but a mentor who is learning to become a better biology major. I also believe that biology camp does help way more than people expect, i wouldn’t have passed a lot of my tests without notes from biology camp and i want to make sure i can help as many kids like me try to persevere through a tough class rather than drop when it gets too hard, because maybe they could be the next great microbiologist.”

“Bama Biology Bootcamp helped me tremendously last summer. Without being part of the program, I would have been lost. Its an extremely useful experience that allowed be to gain insight into the university, the Biology Department, my potential professors, and the biological curriculum. Becoming a mentor would allow me to share my experiences with the upcoming freshmen in order to make their transition into college much more smooth and enjoyable. My first two semesters at UA were incredible, and I feel as though I can provide much needed advice and guideance to the incoming class. Furthermore, my passion for my major in biology will allow me to help the new students build a foundation for their futures in the subject. It would be a privilege to be a mentor for Bama Biology Bootcamp and I feel as though it would be immensely beneficial for both the upcoming freshmen and myself.”

“I served as a Graduate mentor last year and enjoyed my time so much so that I would love to have the opportunity to serve as a mentor again. I think that this program really has a unique power to reach incoming freshmen and guide them into collegiate success. As the first year of the program, there were some things that stuck out to me that could make the program better in the future and I would like to be an integral part in further developing the program for future years. I also really enjoyed the interaction with the students and still mentor my students from last year and they have come to me to seek academic advice nearly a year later. That, to me, demonstrates the importance of the program for ensuring success throughout their collegiate careers and it would be an honor to be able to guide a group of fresh faces.”

“I have been given a great opportunity to learn here at the University of Alabama so I want to reciprocate that by helping others find success here. After going to Bio Bootcamp I had great success and developed a great connection with my professor Dr. Lam who was open and helpful whenever I spoke to him. These connections make a huge difference in the experience of UA and I would love to contribute to that.”

“It’s such a rewarding experience to watch incoming student grow both educationally as a person and in life. Helping them develop a skill set that will not only help there while their time her at UA but also in multiple other aspects of life is just so awesome – and to be able to see that you made the smallest impact on that person at some point in time is something that never gets old!”

“I was also a mentor last year and really enjoyed being around the students. I still have students that approach me or vice versa and we talk about bootcamp!”

“Participating in the Biology Bootcamp last year was one of the best decisions I made my freshman year. I felt well prepared going into my first semester of college knowing the course load and expectations of my upcoming science courses as a bio major. Not only did the Bootcamp aid me academically, it also provided me connections to other students who shared common interests with me. Some of my closest friends at the university came from the Bootcamp. I would like to be a Biology Bootcamp mentor because I would like to be able to help incoming freshman this year get just as much out of the Bootcamp as I did. I enjoyed it so much and I would like to be a part of the group that provided me with an amazing start to my college experience.”

“I would like to be a mentor for Biology Bootcamp because this was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed getting a preview of the class before actually taking it. My mentors were amazing they were there to answer questions. I would like to be there for incoming freshman, and help them get a preview of that college classes are like. I really enjoyed my time in Biology Bootcamp, and i would like to help other experience what i did.”

“Last year’s experience was a fantastic and valuable one, and I look forward to seeing some of the changes we all suggested take effect. I think this program is such a great chance to introduce the undergraduates to UA on the right foot, and provide them with the best chance of success. And personally, I found the week incredibly rewarding.”

“I would like to be a Bama Biology Bootcamp mentor because I am passionate about biology and I enjoy mentoring students. As a graduate teaching assistant here at UA, I have had experience teaching introductory biology laboratory and have also advised undergraduate students. As a TA, I also held office hours for my students. I found that some students learn better when taught in smaller, more close-knit groups. Additionally, I have had previous experience in mentoring undergraduate students. As a graduate student working in a lab, I have had to mentor many new incoming undergraduates. I have taught them both laboratory techniques as well as general skills such as time management, organization, and communication skills. Because of these experiences, I believe that I will be a great mentor.”

“I participated in Biology Bootcamp as a freshman last summer and I thought it was an amazing experience. I believe it gave me a jump start on being ready for college and provided me with skills that I used throughout the last two semesters and will continue to make use of. I would love the opportunity to help the incoming freshman with these skills and sharing with them the opportunities that come with going to college as a STEM major, if you take advantage of them. I still keep in contact with the mentors of my group in Bootcamp and think that knowing mentors or other even students on campus is critical to success as well as a useful resource to make use of. I believe that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to help other people find success in their freshman year and hopefully give them advice that will help them throughout their academic careers such as the advice that I continue to receive from my mentors.”

“I was a graduate mentor last year and found the experience not only edifying for myself but also for the students that participated in it. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share my four years worth of experience attending UA as both and undergraduate and master’s student. I felt that since I had so recently gone through the same things they were about to undertake, I could offer the students genuine advice and mentorship. Thinking back to my freshman year, having a program like this or the mentorship it offers would have made the transition so much easier and would have reduced the semesters it took to find my rhythm. By participating in bootcamp, I can help provide that source of knowledge and extra manpower to ensure it runs successfully. I had such a great time last year and saw the impact it made on my students that I couldn’t imagine not trying to participate again.”