Bama Biology Bootcamp (B³) is a one-week intensive program run by the University of Alabama Department of Biological Sciences for students enrolled in or planning to enroll in BSC 114 or 118. Its purpose is to help students make a successful transition from the expectations of high school to those of college, setting the stage for a great college experience. B³ participants will:

  • Cover basic concepts covered in BSC 114 and 118.
  • Meet the Biological Sciences faculty, Department Chair, graduate students, undergraduates who have successfully completed their introductory biology courses, and university staff who are ready to help students.
  • Develop learning strategies for their first biology course and beyond.
  • Learn about the expectations for studying, learning and academic performance in college classes.
2018 Bama Biology Bootcamp participants, student mentors and instructors
2018 Bama Biology Bootcamp participants, student mentors and instructors

Key information

Dates: August 9-13, 2021

Course Credit: We are excited to announce that our bootcamp is now being offered as a 1 credit hour course!  Participants will be able to register for BSC 103 Bama Biology Bootcamp during their Bama Bound registration time.  Students can use the link below to apply to participate in the 2021 Bama Biology Bootcamp. Once students have applied for the bootcamp program, they will be sent additional information about the program and the formal course registration process.

Housing: Bootcamp participants will be eligible for early dorm move-in.

Application and payment: The total cost of Bama Biology Bootcamp is $350 (not including your textbook, clicker, etc.), which will be included as a course fee in your fall tuition bill.  Additional details will be included in the response e-mail sent shortly after submitting your application. A limited number of need-based scholarships may be available to help reduce the cost of the program. Students who indicate this need in their application will hear in early July if we will be able to offer them a scholarship.

Update 8/3/2021: We have semi-finalized the participant roster. Students interested in joining the 2021 Bama Biology Bootcamp program should contact Dr. Matthew Jenny (Matthew Jenny to be added to the program.

Click here to apply to participate in the 2021 Bama Biology Bootcamp